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My Fri-day somehow started with this. I bet in her imagination she thinks that she was holding a broom there. What a good day-off to start with, clearing her toys up! I stayed late up Thursday night watching TV. Thinking that she’d get up late the following day. In your dreams, Mitch hehehe! She woke up at 8am as usual, decided to play and make mess in the bedroom. There’s only one thing to stop her from anything – her poop. She won’t even sit. I had to take her to the bathroom and get her cleaned up. But decided to give her a bath, anyway.
After bath, gave her lugaw (porridge) for breakfast. She finished a small bowl of it. She must’ve remembered Barney, and asked me to play it on the DVD. With the commotions in the bedroom (hehehe), Derrick got up with a frowning face. Went to the bathroom and had bath. As he comes out, he said, out at 11. Oooops! Out at 11, and that was already 10 in the morning. I had to rush and get Deye’s things ready. Kept 3 feeding bottles, 3 pcs. of diapers, 2 girlie dresses (just in case the other one doesn’t fit nice) and some other things that she would need in the bag.

Of course, I didn’t forget to bring the camera along with us.I took this photo inside the cab. It’s a miracle that she smiled hahaha! Anyway, we invited ourselves to his cousin’s house – for lunch *wink*. Spent the afternoon there with the kids. Watched Over The Hedge. Took a 2-hr nap.

It’s time to get going again. Dressed her up for Church at 5pm. Along the way, we went to a Fish Pet Shop. Wanted to buy some but thought that they might not survive as we might stay out for a while after the mass.

After Church, we went to Swan Lake – a Filipino restaurant in Manama. It’s been a while since we treated ourselves out for dinner – a real dinner.

Look at her… She refused to sit in the baby’s high chair.

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Along the way to the computer shop where we buy blank DVDs, we saw these dogs on display. She was scared for a moment hahahaha! I won’t let a moment like this passed. So I clicked it!

Went home at around past 9pm. We realized that we were already out for 10 hours that day. Time to rest. But wait, have a look at the last photo I clicked hehehe! She was telling the camel “Up! Up!” Btw, she got that camel for free. We passed one perfume shop who happened to have these toys hanging, we stopped there for something else. She was smiling to the vendor and even gave him flying kisses. He must’ve have got the message when Deye looked at the camel hahaha! When we were paying for it, he said, no it’s a gift heehee!

That’s all folks! *wink*

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  • rhodora

    Napaka-fashionista ni Deye!

    Ang cute niya sa last picture as she looks down on the toy.

    You have a living doll, Mitch! Ang saya! Hay naku, kailangang madaliin ko na ang eldest ko para mag-asawa at nang magka-apo na rin ako! hahaha!


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