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It’s been almost 3 months since my brother left for work abroad. A typical OFW son/daughter sends money to his/her parents to help and that’s what my brother does now. I would always tell him these days “it’s your turn” and I’m glad he happily takes over the responsibilities I used to have. Our parents make sure that the money he sends monthly won’t go wasted.

With the recent flood incidents we had in the past year, we thought that the money he sends could help renovate finish the house. Last Monday, we started with the cement fence.

If you look at the picture closely, the “old” blocks are almost no more. Kakahabol sa kalsada, napagiwanan na ang bakod plus the sand that Mt. Pinatubo poured some years ago.

Next project is getting the whole compound covered with cement and customize a pipe for the water that might flow inside the area when it rains. We have also ordered a new door for the main entrance that was also ruined by the past floods.

My share courtesy of PU2B goes for carpeting the flooring and changing the gate. I am so far done with the living room. We used to put a vinyl linoleum inside the house but I realized it costs me more whenever floods give us surprise. It just goes wasted! At least if the carpet gets wet, we could still use it after every thorough wash.

Ah! It really feels good to see the fruit of your hardwork especially when the labor and funds are willingly shared by each member of the family.

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