People who enjoy gardening often care about the environment. If you want your garden to flourish, you have to be careful about the conditions that help it to grow. So you might be cautious about using too many chemicals or perhaps even over watering your garden. If you want your gardening to be more eco-friendly, there are many things you could be doing to straighten it out. You don’t have to use lots of pesticides or chemical products to help your garden grow healthily. Try out these top techniques for taking a greener approach to your garden, and you’ll feel much better about the way you manage it.

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Encourage Natural Pest Controllers Controlling pests is often one of the hardest challenges in any garden. You’re happy to encourage a healthy ecosystem, but you also don’t want pests eating all your plants. If there are any particular bugs you don’t want, one of the best things to do is encourage a bit of natural pest control. Welcome bugs and birds into your garden that will leave your plants alone and instead eat the undesirable pests. For example, ladybugs will eat aphids, helping to protect your plants. Birds will often eat slugs and snails, as well as caterpillars and grubs. You can encourage them with feeders or bird baths. 

Ditch the Harsh Products There are lots of products you might be tempted to use to help your garden along. In particular, a lot of people use various products to make their lawn greener, longer, and prettier. Instead of using all those products with harsh chemicals, you can find alternatives that do the same job. With an organic lawn care service, you can take care of your lawn using low-impact solutions. In addition to using products that are kinder to the environment, you can use gardening techniques that help as well.

Use Natural Garden Remedies Another way to deal with unwanted pests or weeds is to use natural garden remedies that help to keep them away. For example, petroleum jelly can help to keep slugs and snails away. However, you can also get slug pellets that won’t harm the environment. You can also use milk or beer to catch slugs, or perhaps trap bugs in jars with something sweet inside. Some people also find sticky strips of paper are very useful, especially during the summer when there are lots of flying bugs.

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Create a Compost Bin If you want to use your garden in an eco-friendly way, starting a compost pile is a good idea. It’s a great way to recycle food and plant matter, instead of just throwing it away. And once you’ve got your compost going, you can use it to fertilize your garden. Make sure you put it somewhere warm and sunny so the heat can get to it. It helps to add wood or cardboard to encourage the right bugs to come and make compost.

You can easily take a greener approach to caring for your garden. It might be a bit more effort, but it’s worth it to protect the environment.

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