The long, hazy days of summer stretch out in front of you, and with that comes the promise of fun adventures, lazy mornings and relaxing spells. But summer holidays come with their fair share of stresses. From getting sun burnt to getting stuck in traffic, if you’re properly prepared, you needn’t have to worry about a thing.

Avoidable health issues It’s easy to get carried away when the sun’s out. But spending too much time under its fierce glare can cause some horrible illnesses that are sure to ruin any fun. So, try to limit time in the sun to the morning and late afternoon or early evening. Mid-day sun is the strongest, and even high SPF sun block can struggle to keep all the harmful UV rays away. In addition to slathering your family and yourself in sun block, wear UV limiting clothes, and hats that cover the backs of your necks. Deck the family out in sunglasses too, to avoid damaging your eyes. And if you follow the rules in this article, you won’t have to worry about sun damage this summer.

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Remember to stay hydrated: drink tons of water, rather than fizzy, sugary drinks. If you’ve got pets who aren’t drinking enough, try popping an ice cube in their water bowl or food bowl. When the ice melts, they’ll get a delicious pet-food soup! 

Kitchen appliances breaking

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Whether you’re hosting a BBQ with half the neighbourhood on the guest list, or trying to freeze ice lollies for the kids, it’ll always be the most annoying time that your fridge or freezer decides to pack it in. And while you might be able to save food in the winter – in the summer heat, you’ve got no chance. So, make sure you’ve got the names and numbers of local repair companies close to hand. These sub zero repair services will save your meals and your family’s grumbling bellies in any time of need!

Travel delays and setbacks If you’re heading off on a summer holiday, preparing for traffic or travel delays is one of the most important things you can do before leaving. If you’re travelling with children, make up ‘emergency’ bags, filled with things to do and snacks. You could include books, comics, colouring books or word games. You could even bring along a tablet with some pre-downloaded films. Keep the car or your bags filled with water, especially if you won’t be near any shops. If you’re going to get stuck in an airport terminal, at least you’ll have access to plenty of food and drink – but if you’re trapped by a traffic jam, having plenty of water is essential.

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If you are planning on driving, think about your leaving times carefully. If you’re going away at a popular time, try to leave a few days early to beat the rush. If that’s not possible, leave as early as you can to avoid rush hour, or wait until later in the evening when it’s cooler and less likely to be busy. Here are some more tips about driving in the summer.

Realising that relaxation is a total myth… It doesn’t take long until those dreams of a relaxing, lazy summer are exactly that – just dreams. Between running around after your family, trying to catch up with friends, staying on top of household chores, and ticking off things on the never-ending to-do list – where’s the relaxing?!

So, if you can’t make the real thing, you might have to fake it. Check out a recent post of ours about reducing how tired you look.


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