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Get That Junk Out of the Garage

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Is your garage overflowing with junk? Are you worried that one day you’ll end up trapped beneath cascades of old bills or enter the garage only to be lost in the stacks of old paint cans, boxes of unused clothes, and old furniture? Can’t see the garage flooring? It’s probably time to get that junk out of the garage! 

Here are some tips to transform your garage from a junkyard to open space:

Define Your Goal Before you do anything else, it will be useful for you to sit down and work out what your end goal for the garage might be. Do you want to,y’know be able to actually park the car in the garage? Do you want to create a playroom? A place to do DIY? Once you know what you plan to use the space for, it will be easier to declutter it.

One trick you can use to help you with this is using masking tape to define various ‘zones’ of the garage and how they will be used, so you can determine exactly how much decluttering you really need to do.

Sort It Out Next, pick an area and start going through the junk there. Try to organize your clutter into various piles or boxes, keeping like with like, This will make it easier to deal with when it comes time to purge or save your stuff. Once you’ve sorted out the clutter in one zone, move onto the next, until everything has been organized.

Time to Purge

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The hardest part of getting the junk out of the garage is, well getting the junk out of the garage.It doesn’t matter how old and worn those chairs are or how unlikely it is you’ll ever need that half a can of orange paint again, it can be almost impossible to part with it.

To help you with this, set up four different areas with different colored boxes, one for stuff you definitely want to keep, one for stuff you’ll throw away, one for donations and one for storage.

Then go through each box of stuff determining which things will be useful to you in the future, or which you love too much to part with. Work out which stuff is broken beyond repair and which you won’t really miss, but which is too good to throw away – put that stuff in the donations section.

Now, you should be left only with things you want to keep.It’s a good idea at this point to work out which of the things you want to keep should stay in the garage and which need to be stored elsewhere.If for example, you have a small boat that you use maybe once a year, it’s mostly just taking up space, and perhaps checking out storage units by clicking on    Storage Near Me would be a good idea. It’ll let you clear the clutter without having to let go something that would be costly to replace.

Storage Space 
For the rest of the stuff you’re keeping,it is probably worth installing some shelving units, drawers or closets to hide it away. This will allow you to maximise the amount of space you have left to do with whatever you want.

As you can see, getting that junk out of the garage is actually pretty easy if you’re willing to dedicate a weekend to the process.


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