With the current situation we are in today, there’s no way we can shop the normal way. I am so glad that online shop platforms like Shopee have resumed their services along with J & T Express, just in time when I am about to enter my last trimester. Beginning last month, I started ordering online, anticipating the delivery time that somehow the majority of the baby essentials will arrive just when we needed them most. I also took advantage of activating my Gcash while there were no charges for transferring from my online bank back and forth. As much as possible, I also avoid touching money bills that come from different people. At least when they are delivered, the delivery guy will only have to keep them at the guardhouse in our subdivision. 

Lo and behold, they did! Just a few days before my 27th week, we received everything that was ordered online except for the bathtub and other stuff which I think can wait. They’re not necessary at the moment. We will just make use of what we have until we can safely purchase whatever we still need from the mall.

Another thing that I have decided not to buy is the diaper bag. I checked online on what’s the latest trend, and most of them come in backpack and looks almost the same to the Anello bag that we have won sometime last year. So why spend on something that we already have hahaha!

Anyway, here’s a list of the baby essentials that we purchased online, and the link to the online shop/seller. I know that a lot of expectant moms need these, too, so I am hoping that this list will help them somehow.

♥ Basic Newborn Clothes (white baru-baruan, lampin, bigkis, etc.) – Mommyrrific & Cutie Babies
♥ Washcloths, receiving blanket and milk canister – Baby & Kid
♥ Memory Foam Pillow – The Baby Boon
♥ Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash – Unilever
♥ Feeding Bottles, Pacifier, Cottonbuds etc. – Chicco
♥ Onesies, babysocks, statement onesies, Muslin swaddle blankets – Baby Garden
♥ Onesies and blankets – Panddy
♥ Disposable diapers and wipes – Pampers
♥ Baby Dove bundle of wash, shampoo, and lotion (with free canvass blanket) – SM City Olongapo Central

I make sure that I do my homework first before purchasing anything – that is to check the ratings and first-hand reviews. For the branded items especially the toiletries and feeding bottles, I ordered them from the official stores ONLY.

Some may wonder and ask why the feeding bottles when this is the best time to breastfeed exclusively? Well, these are just for back-up. You’ll never know. I don’t want to end up cramming and looking for things just in case…

I hope the above list helps.

I am not in any way connected to these shops, I just thought putting up a list together for other expectant moms will help ease their worries where to get the essentials that their babies need.

P.S. First batch of clothes hand-washed today. Yay!


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