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Since the day Chikka has launched its Beta new version, I had and still been facing difficulties in logging in to my Chikka Messenger. It has been acting up, logging on and off on its own. And it’s really annoying coz I use this for sending long messages to my friends abroad who are holding roaming numbers. It’s easier for me to type in the real keyboard than to type in my cellphone keypad. It also says that you can now send messages to the following countries:

I have tried sending to the USA, India, Japan and UK, unfortunately, they didn’t get any messages from me. Too bad!

It would be really appreciated if these things are resolved as soon as possible.

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  1. Hmmm di naman P2.50 lang. Pero they should reply to your chikka# every after 3 msgs otherwise their number will get blocked sa chikka, meaning they won’t be able to receive your msgs from chikka. But once nagreply na sila dun oks na ulit kaso ang charge nga P2.50. But at least malaki tipid lalo na abroad ang tintext.


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