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Figured It Out!

I almost needed a wrinkle cream to get my SunCell working! Finally figured it out. Few days before Christmas, I bought a SunCell sim coz most of our relatives are SunCell subscribers but I can’t seem to figure out how these unlimited calls and text messages work.

Anyway, I called SunCell hotline a couple of times and checked why my CTU 100 load doesn’t seem to appear when I do a balance inquiry. When they checked their system, it was there but in my phone it doesn’t show. Every time I tried sending messages, they fail!

Then, my cousin told me that I need to put a Regular Load at least P5. So to make sure, I loaded P20 Regular Load. To give it a try, I called my cousin! Bummer! I didn’t know that 0927 is a Globe number hahaha! Call finished after a couple of minutes.  I loaded another P20 and finally it worked. I got to call our relatives after that – unlimited and the best part it’s valid until the 29th woot woot! Two days more to enjoy unlimited calls and messages heehee!

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