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I got hacked!

I didn’t even touch my PC the whole day but just half an hour ago, while I was checking my emails, I saw these mails in my inbox:



And guess what, there were 2 more mails that said I have paid and done some transactions today through PayPal.

My heart went jumping, so I tried logging in to my PayPal Account to see these transactions but I couldn’t even get in to it.


Then this email followed:


Then, I made an online banking and found out that an amount of Php3976.97 has already been taken from my EON Debit Card.


This is really frustrating! I immediately sent my brother out to withdraw the remaining amount from my account. I was actually planning to withdraw it on Monday, as I would need it when I go to Manila, I wish I had taken it today. *sigh* I have already emailed but it is asking me to:

Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Service.
In an effort to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible,
please direct all customer service inquires through our website. Click
on the hyperlink below to go to the PayPal website. Select a topic and
subtopic from the lists and summarize your question in the field
provided. Please note that in order to ask a question that is specific
to your individual account, you must log in to your PayPal account.
There will be a prompt on the page for you to log in if you choose to do
so. If you indicate the type of question you have with as much detail as
you can, we will be able to provide you with the best customer service
If your email program is unable to open hyperlinks, please copy and
paste this URL into the address bar of your browser.
But the thing is I couldn’t get in to my account and right now I don’t wanna create any account with PayPal as yet, until unless this problem is resolved. I have worked for it, and that amount was just part of my 2 weeks blog earnings, and this is what is going to happen? This is all bullsh*t!!!!! By the way the email add of the “whoever” did it was So, to my fellow bloggers, please beware!!!!

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  • aeirin

    SHhhh!!!tttt talaga…. badtrip un… Sis, d ko alam kung ano sasabhin ko to make you feel better… basta if you need me you know where to find me…

    aeirin’s last blog post..Seafood Cook Off


  • Mitch

    Hi Mommy R! Di lang kamo yung amount na nawala, pati EON account ko disclosed na sa taong gumawa nun haaaaay! I really don’t know what to do, laking abala nito sa akin.

    Kelangan ko i-edit lahat ngayon ng account ko sa paid programs otherwise di nila mapapadala bayad sa akin.


  • Yen

    Mitch, you need to call Paypal for this. ang bagal nila sa email eh. Sayang naman yung account mo. Kasi na hacked yung account mo eh..And so sad to hear na nakunan ang money mo:( Ma check nga PP ko din..tsk tsk..may mga tao talaga walang magawa…

    Yen’s last blog post..PH: Wrinkled


  • Mitch

    Hay! Laking abala nga kasi dami ko i-update.

    Buti nga kamo tinirhan pa ako ng kalahati. Waaaaah! 2 weeks kong pinaghirapan yung 9k na yun. ๐Ÿ™ Tas nawala lang halos kalahati ng ganun. ๐Ÿ™


  • cielo

    sis i feel bad for you…this is really frightening lalo na sa katulad nating who is doing earn online tapos pinalalaki pa natin sa paypal before withdrawal.

    i hope this will be resolved soon, pinaghirapan yun..


  • zriz

    Ay nako sis! Walang hiya talaga ang taong yon! This is not right at all. Tawagin mo nalang yung Paypal para they will address your case ASAP kasi nadamay na yong EON account mo!

    I have to check mine din. Medyo malaki na yung naipon ko sa PP account ko. Ay nako!

    I hope ma resolve ito sis. Sayang naman yong pera nga naipon mo for two weeks.

    zriz’s last blog post..Food Friday: Thai BBQ


  • lurchie

    Hi mitch!

    this is sad news indeed. if you did not open your account anywhere other than your own pc, then i suggest you go over your security settings, po, to prevent this from happening again. ๐Ÿ™

    im sorry for what happened…

    … im going to do some research on this.

    lurchie’s last blog post..Simple Pleasures: Iced Treat


  • Arlene

    hi sis, this is really sad and i can feel for you. i hope this gonna be resolved soon. better take out form xoom whatever you got in paypal after 2 weeks. let me check nga my EON kasi kahapon i can’t log in from work. am thinking maybe i jst forgot my password pero kunti lang naman tira dun kasi am using xoom now for more than couple of times. kahit mahal pero kuha ko agad.

    Arlene’s last blog post..Saturday Special – August 23, 2008


  • eDs

    OMG! Paano nangyari toh sis? Have u made any transactions with this miroslav? Gosh, this is horrifying done being “limited”- like what just happen to me last week..

    Talagang here you really lost a lot of money. Kainis toh ha! Hindi ba toh kayang controlin ng paypal? Grabe !!! We really have to be caredul from now on.

    Sana masolve mo agad sis ๐Ÿ™

    eDs’s last blog post..? Baldo vs. Llyody ๐Ÿ™‚ ?


  • Mitch

    Hi Cielo! Naireport ko na sa PayPal, I had to create another account para makapagreport kasi yung dati closed na daw, maybe the one who did it closed my account. Kaya di ko din maverify yung transaction ID, haaay!

    I hope talaga maresolved sya agad.


  • Mitch

    Hi Z! Walanghiya talaga yun pero di pa din sagad kasi di nya sinimot ang laman hehe! Hay naku! Bless that person heart, mawawala din sa kanya yun. I believe in karma, kahit malaki o maliit na panloloko, may katapat!


  • Mitch

    Very sad talaga Lurch! Kung bakit naman kasi dati rati pag pumasok na sa EON account ko yung pera, winiwithdraw ko kaagad, kaso this time nga I thought of saving it waaaaaaaah!

    From now on di na ako maglink ng card doon, pagtyagaan ko na ang Xoom, tutal dati ko pa naman ginagamit yun, sayang lang nga ang charges.


  • Mitch

    Hi Arlene! Nung wala pa akong EON, Xoom din ang gamit ko lagi. Ganun na lang ulit gagawin ko mula ngayon.

    Winithdraw ko na din remaining balance sa EON ko baka makuha pa.


  • Mitch

    Hi Eds! Kakatakot talaga, buti na lang yung EON ko ang funds na pumapasok talaga dun eh yung galing lang sa PayPal. Buti na lang iba na ang account na gamit ko na remittance from my husband, otherwise patay talaga! Dati dun din eh. Waaaaaaaaah!


  • Mitch

    Hi Paula! It’s so sad talaga…

    Hacker talaga sya sis. Kasi ako lang ang nakakaalam ng log on details ko sa PayPal at EON, even my husband can’t access to it.

    Saka dito lang naman ako nagbubukas ng accounts ko sa bahay, eh wala namang ibang gagawa nun hay!


  • Ada

    This is frustrating. I thought all blogger are aware of how to protect their paypal. You should be aware of it at first, like me a blogger, I often reads certain post/blog like this, that their paypal has been hacked.

    Actually there’s no thing about being hacked. Possibly that you have clicked an email fraud that you thought it’s from paypal and that you have log in it.

    Make sure that the paypal email is addressing your name, like this:

    Dear Mich (Your last name):

    And make sure that your are logging in at by checking the address bar.

    It could also be possible that your password in paypal is similar in your other accounts passwords such as forums, and other websites that needs log-in information.

    This is a lesson to all of us.


    Ada’s last blog post..WordCamp Philippines 2008


  • noemi

    by any chance, were you phished? you know those Paypal emails telling you to log in and change some details but they are NOT really paypal?

    noemi’s last blog post..Mother of Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps and Learning Disabilities


  • Vannie

    uyyy oh my gosh kakatakot naman toh mitch….buti i got to read ur post and eds…kase i withdrew my paypal money nalang din..takot ako mawala..

    altough sad na this had to happen..gosh

    Vannie’s last blog post..Facts on Hair Rebonding


  • Marie

    HI Mitch!

    Nangyari din to sa kin! I couldn’t really understand how it happened or how it really works. Pero ang nakakainis pa, hindi lang paypal ko. pati yung isa kong blog. As in!! dinelete lahat ng entries ko. and added some bastos things!! grabe! super nanghina din ako when that happened. and inis din!
    i called paypal to undo it all, sobrang hassle! kasi limited access yung account, they transferred naman the funds back…pero super kakainis!! i changed all my passwords etc.

    i hope you get to sort them out soon… Hay…


    Marie’s last blog post..Have you heard about Baby Whale Colin?


  • Nita

    Na hacked ang PayPal account mo. Siguro may na click kang link at yung link na yun don nila nakuha ang info mo. Minsan din kasi, ang ginawa ng hackers, they’ll send out emails, kunwari galing daw sa PayPal with the subject “Your PayPal account is limited” then they want you to update your information, which they also provide a link para daw ma update mo. Beware! That link is not really from

    Tip: Do not click the link (unless kilala mo yung nagpadala). You should copy and paste the link to your browser to see if galing ba talaga sa PayPal. I guess may instructions ako sa Phpdigiscrapper forum regarding this matter. Be careful. Dami na loko loko ngayon sa internet!

    Nita’s last blog post..Where Have I Been?


  • carol

    Oh so frustrating! I hope this can be resolved soon….sayang naman yung pera mong ninakaw….dami na akong narinig na ganyan sa US pero now lang ako naniwala after reading your blog.


  • peachy

    OMG! sana ma settle mo nga to mitch. Mejo mabagal ang paypal sa email talga. Once na hold naman money ko sa knila ng 2 weeks.

    nakakatakot , ksi prone na sya sa hacking diba? cguro dapat withdraw na nga natin ang money pag may earnings tyo. i also change passwords pala once in a while.

    peachy’s last blog post..Seafood Feast with The Mommies


  • Pastilan

    Nakakatakot naman yan. Dapat maging maingat lagi. Dapat mahahaba yung password mo at kung magbukas ka ng Paypal mo dapat walang ibang nakabukas na window or walang ibang tab na bukas. Pero mahirap talaga magbantay, magagaling na talaga ngayon ang mga hackers.

    Dapat rin iba-iba ang password mo sa iba’t-ibang account.

    Pastilan’s last blog post..Seafood Cook-off



    Possible reasons for these are:

    1. Phishing Sites.
    2. Weak Passwrod.
    3. A trusted Friend may have hacked your account.
    4. KeyLoggers on some internet cafes.
    — and many more…

    I am sorry this happened to you.. I hope it gets resolved..



  • c5

    Mitch, naku naman, di ko pa natatapos yung post mo, palagay ko biktima ka nga ng phishing. Actually ilang beses na kong nag post about it kasi dami kong nakukuha sa email ko lalo na sa paypal…syempre di ko pinapatos. Kaya di ka dapat click basta from your email…o kaya check mo status bar kung saan talaga naka-link yung click mo. uy mabilis na xoom ngayon, within 2 minutes yata nakuha ko recent withdraw ko eh.

    ingat ka lagi ha.

    c5’s last blog post..Dental Etiquette Must Always Be Observed By The Dentist


  • Mitch

    Hi Ate Cecile! Long time no hear… wala akong matandaang naclicked ko from my email kasi di din ako basta basta nagkiclick ng ganun. I really don’t know what happened.

    Baka i-xoom ko muna….

    Ingat din po!


  • Mich

    hi sis, i hope naayos na ‘tong problem na ‘to. buti nakita mo kung ano ung email address na naghacked. papano ba nangyari? nakatanggap ka lang ng email tapos pag-check mo sa paypal ganon na? may iba pa bang nakakaalam ng password mo?

    goodluck sis and hope maayos na nga ito…


  • Mitch

    Hi Mich! Basta na lang may nareceived akong email na parang notification that transactions have been made through my PayPal. Tapos kinabahan ako so I checked my EON Account online, ayun wala na yung P4k ko. ๐Ÿ™

    I really don’t know how it happened coz no one knew my password not even my husband. Sabi ng iba victim ako ng phishing, baka daw may naclick kong link sa spam emails. Pero I’m sure na wala talaga…


  • Mitch

    Hi Jenny! Narefund ba ng PayPal kay ni Nita yung nawala sa kanya?

    Nakakasama talaga ng loob kasi pinaghirapan mo yun tas bigla ganun. I usually withdraw my money from my EON kung bakit that day I did not, yung remittance lang na padala ng asawa ko ang kinuha ko. Kainis talaga pag naaalala ko hehe!


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