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It has been almost two months since my PayPal was hacked, phished, whatever you call it! Beginning that day, I depended on my online buddy Arlene to transact the funds that I earn through her PayPal and Xoom for me, as my PayPal remained unverified, due to the debit account that I chose not to link with it.

Today, I had my PayPal verified {in less than an hour, thanks to PayPal and Eon Customer Service Reps who have helped me solved it} but I will no longer specify and elaborate how I did it. I’m just glad that it happened teehee! Since I’ve already got my PayPal verified, I thought of giving it a try with Xoom again. With my fingers crossed, I withdrawn the funds from my PayPal through Xoom using the same email add {sender and recipient} and in less than 2 minutes, I received an email alert saying that my money is ready for pick up.

Here’s the proof of transaction:

From now on, I’d be withdrawing my funds through Xoom. No more transactions straight to my bank account. It’s more safer and as fast as moving services.

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  1. i love xoom! hahaha. will not try the bank account again, Sis. ayaw ko na madagdagan ang 35 dollars na kinain sa transaction failed ng kanilang system.

    congrats for being verified Paypal user na. 🙂 Pero ok lang naman service ko kahit di ka pa verified but am sure u can save more if direct mo na dyan ang withdrawal. diba?


  2. oh wow. grabe naman yun..
    mga wala na talagang magawa matino mga tao ngayon
    pero buti naman at naayos na ulet paypal mo :]

    Reyn’s last blog post..Buhay Estudyante


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