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It has been almost two months since my PayPal was hacked, phished, whatever you call it! Beginning that day, I depended on my online buddy Arlene to transact the funds that I earn through her PayPal and Xoom for me, as my PayPal remained unverified, due to the debit account that I chose not to link with it.

Today, I had my PayPal verified {in less than an hour, thanks to PayPal and Eon Customer Service Reps who have helped me solved it} but I will no longer specify and elaborate how I did it. I’m just glad that it happened teehee! Since I’ve already got my PayPal verified, I thought of giving it a try with Xoom again. With my fingers crossed, I withdrawn the funds from my PayPal through Xoom using the same email add {sender and recipient} and in less than 2 minutes, I received an email alert saying that my money is ready for pick up.

Here’s the proof of transaction:

From now on, I’d be withdrawing my funds through Xoom. No more transactions straight to my bank account. It’s more safer and as fast as moving services.

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