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I Wish They Taught Money In High School

“I worked hard for money 8 hours (sometimes more) a day but my money worked for me 24 hours only.”

Exactly my sentiments right after I resigned from my full time job 9 months ago. What others say is true that the secret to freedom from  your paycheck is to establish your own income – having a business of your own. But then again, the same thoughts would run through your mind “How do I start a business?”

“I wish they taught money in High School.”

  At the age of 38, I feel it is too late. I really wish they taught money in high school. If they did, by now I would have owned a stable business already. What I have right now is still young.

As soon as I left my job last year, I gambled on running a small business of my own. It’s not as easy as what I have thought it was. Luckily, I encountered a book that practically discusses the rule of thumb in finances, and how to prepare yourself when starting a business. It thrilled me as I go through the contents of this book, making me more eager to push through what I have started so far – an online business. Tubong lugaw, as how we coined the term in Tagalog, but it feels good that finally, I am slowly establishing my own income with no bosses to direct you and colleagues to put pressure on you at times.

However, I also believe that not all are meant to be businessmen. There are challenges ahead of every business. Big or small. Stable or not. There’s one part in this book that discusses the challenges, on what do you have to always remember:

  • Do not despair when beset by obstacles.
  • Focus on the opportunity rather than on the possibility of losses.
  • Be creative and innovative. This very much applies in what I do right now. With the number of online sellers doing and selling the same thing, you got to have your own style and approach in able to top and be recognized.
  • Be resourceful. Know what is in. Strive for something extraordinary that others do not offer.
  • Be flexible.
  • Go into details. Be meticulous. Do not be like “pwede na yan”.
  • Work hard.
  • Work smart.

Three years from now, I will have a High School student. I am, therefore, keeping and handing this book down to her so she won’t have to regret the same way I did and say “I wish they taught money in High School”. I’ve always believed that our children should be taught while they are still young, whatever it maybe.

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