Inconsiderate Neighbors

Just like in some places and villages, we, too, have inconsiderate neighbors around our area. I wish I could send them to school and probably advise them to take public safety degree. You may ask why, please read along.

Few days ago, I heard some explosion next to our bedroom. You see the lot next to us is vacant and not maintained well, imagine the grasses that have grown the past months? And hearing such explosion made me nervous. It’s a sound of a firecracker and I am so sure, since it’s a vacant lot, they throw the cracker to that area only. As I heard that sound, I went out of the house and yelled on them “Hello! Is it New Year yet? I believe New Year has just finished!” I was so pissed off because my daughter was still fast asleep and besides it’s not safe to do such act. “If you want to enjoy those crackers, do it in your backyard and not here!!!”.

Believe me, this family also got this habit of just letting their kids play on the street unattended. Many times when our school service witnessed it, the driver had to make a horn before the parents realized that there’s a vehicle passing by and their kids are on the street. And if something happens to their kids, they’d for sure blame the driver. Hello!

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