A month from now, we’ll be hearing Christmas carols again. A valid sign to start dusting Christmas decors from the boxes and get our kids put them up the windows and trees.

I’m no longer a kid but this season certainly gets me excited. T’is the season to be jolly as the saying goes. It could have been jollier each year if we are to spend it with my husband. Unfortunately, he works miles away from us. But of course that doesn’t stop us from celebrating its good reason and see the true meaning of it.

Every year, since the day we came back to Philippines, it’s been a tradition to serve sumptuous food for the family on Christmas Eve, play some old Christmas carols and share “aginaldo” to kids caroling on the street. As practiced, we pay our respect to our Savior, Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. From there, we go straight to my father’s ancestral house where cousins and other relatives are gathered. We spend a little time together pulling each other’s legs, taking photos together and eat till our stomach are fully stuffed.

Then off to the venue just within our street, and celebrate with the neighborhood. Since I was kid, we have been doing this. A month before Christmas, an envelope for solicitation is distributed to the residents in prep for the street party. Of course this is with the neighborhood’s blessings. Parlor games for kids and adults are there with little prizes but good enough to put a smile on our face.

Eggplant Game Pabitin

Above are the photos we have taken last year. Yours truly was in the middle wearing red, playing the “Eggplant Game” and the traditional “Pabitin” for kids.

I really hope that sometime soon, my husband will get to witness our Christmas traditions.

Mitch Carvalho

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