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Indoor Gardening Is Easier (and More Amazing) Than You Think!

Fewer urban dwellers these days are able to get places with their own garden. More people are moving into apartments than houses and, while apartment living does come with a bunch of benefits, it can make you feel less connected with nature due to the lack of a garden. But why not consider indoor gardening? Here are some of the amazing benefits.

Green space is good for the mind Indoor plants help lift your spirits. Green space has been shown to be good for the mind in several studies, and bringing plants into your home helps bring that green space inside. Doing some minor gardening work indoors is also really good for reducing stress; it also helps you feel a lot more productive and accomplished!

It’s not as difficult as you think We associate the growing of plants with lots of fresh air and sunlight. While we can go those things indoors to some degree, it will always be in a limited amount, right? We tend to associate the growing of plants indoors with expensive equipment and, um, illegal operations. But indoor ‘grow lights’, available in many stores and also listed by LumiGrowth, are more affordable and easier to install and use than ever. Growing things indoors is nowhere near the impossible task you may have once thought it was. 

It helps improve air quality Having a bunch of plants in your home doesn’t mean it will be instantly purified. In fact, the ‘air cleaning’ benefit of indoor plants is often massively overstated. Still, it does have some positive effect, and can help flush out certain toxins from your atmosphere. Just make sure you’re also taking other measures to clean your air, such as refraining from harsh cleaning chemicals and vacuuming regularly!


It requires less maintenance than outdoor gardening Outdoor gardening requires a lot of protection from bugs and other pests. We’re going to assume that there aren’t quite as many bugs inside your home as there are outside! This means your plants are in less danger, which can be especially useful if you’re growing your own food! It also means you can stay indoors where it’s cool, as opposed to those who have to go out in heatwaves to tend to their garden!

Fresh ingredients! Growing your own ingredients is amazing for your health. The agriculture industry tends to spray their produce with a whole bunch of chemicals that we don’t really need; you can help ensure the safety of your own food and body by growing a bunch of your own food indoors. There are certain foods that will be difficult to grow indoors. Microgreens such as basil, kale, peas, and broccoli are simple and useful, but even carrots and tomatoes can be grown indoors.


It looks amazing There are few things that can improve the aesthetics of a home like plants. Letting more nature in is always brilliant for the ambiance of your home, whether it be by adding more greenery or letting in more natural light. It gives your home a much fresher feel, and encourages an atmosphere of peace. That might sound a little wishy-washy, but trust us; it makes for an incredible aesthetic.

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  • Robert McAdams

    Indoor gardening is fascinating!

    I’ve worked on a personal setup for years. While it doesn’t pose some of the nuances associated with outdoor gardening, I’ve found it to create new challenges as time has gone on.

    For example, I’ve noticed mimicking natural conditions is easier said than done (i.e. temperature, light exposure, watering). Over time, I’ve developed a feel for it but it’s definitely worth a try!

  • James

    Nice post!
    Nothing like growing and cooking/eating your own herbs and veggies.
    Maybe is a bit hard at the beginning but you will become an expert in a short time.
    Happy growing!!

  • moyur

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  • Steven McCabe

    If you live in a cold climate, gardening indoors is really the only way to enjoy a fresh harvest year-round. It’s also a lot easier than gardening outside, to be honest, since you have full control over the environment. Even the lighting is better, if you have a good grow light.

  • Matthew Baez

    Excellent article as always by you.
    I like to grow my veggies, fruits, and herbs Indoor. It’s exceptional for me to do my hobbies and take care of my plants indoors. Nothing like your growing plants indoors.
    Hope everyone does this and get healthy.

    Hope more some excellent article soon.

  • Best Grow Tent

    Thanks for sharing this great introduction to indoor gardening.
    I just start to grow my own herbs and veggies at home. It is very rewarding when you harvest and cook with your own vegetables

  • Edwin Moore

    It was a great read. Some of very informative and cool tips shared nicely.

    I highly appreciate your efforts in crafting and curating such a nice piece of information for people like me who’re in beginners phase of indoor growing.

    Thanks for share mate.

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