There are plenty of different ways that you can decorate your home, but one of the more popular options is to utilize desert motifs and styles to create a unique personality for your living spaces. If you’re interested in creating a desert inside your own walls, then these are the different elements you should incorporate into it. JAC Interiors, specializes in desert design, to help you achieve the exact look you want.

Expansive Appearance When we think of the desert, we imagine sand and sky reaching as far as we can see. Although your home won’t have the same effect per se, you can recreate it by utilizing an open floor plan and large exterior windows.

Natural Elements One of the defining characteristics of this interior design style is the incorporation of different textures and materials to bring the natural world into your household. These can include things like stone mosaic fireplaces, repurposed wood tables, or the inclusion of plants in the overall motif.

Earthy Tones If you have your floors and walls in bright, dynamic colors like blue or purple, then it will kill the desert vibe instantly. Instead, use various shades of brown and gray to capture the imagery of the landscape. It doesn’t have to be drab, but it should match the coloration of your natural centerpieces.

Eclectic Accessories For some reason, the desert can collect quite a few random items over the years, which can add a bit of personality to it. To incorporate that same feeling into your home, you should look for decorations that appear to have come straight from the desert itself.

Wagon wheels, cacti, and horseshoes come to mind, but feel free to get as creative as you like. Each piece should look well-worn and faded to enhance the overall appearance.

Bottom Line If you want to bring the desert into your home but aren’t sure where to begin, let an interior designer at JAC Interiors help you. Their design team has years of experience in creating vibrant landscapes inside your living areas, so let them do the hard work for you.


Mitch Carvalho

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