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Guess where I mostly spend my time online these days? At the Pinay Mommies Forum heehee! It’s fun mingling with other mommies, sharing thoughts and downside MOMents once in a while. No actually make that regularly.

First, let me brief you about PMC.

It is a website that lists blogs but with a more personal touch. Our goal is not only to link as some ordinary directories would do but we are here to share and help each other. We have a forum where we can share each others motherhood and parenting skills, happiness, pains, experiences, talents, money making opportunities, and anything under the sun. And it is 100% FREE to join!!

I also wanted to let you know what Mommy Ruby has got for us > Upcoming Referral Contest. Do I need to elaborate? I’m sure you got it right! If you think you got all these requirements, join us at PMC.

If you’re decided to join, please click on my personalized badge NOW!

If you are still undecided, well, then take your time but please make sure that you click on my badge okay? If in case this post would go missing, you can always find it here. Or just go to PMC Forum and look for my badge.

See you there!

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