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Keeping them occupied

When the nanny is not around, and I am all by myself with the girls, I keep them occupied if I need to do some house chores. Last Saturday, while I was washing the dishes, I gave the girls things to do. My eldest still got these puppet eyes and brown bag that they used for puppet making in school. So I asked her to make one for the house as well, something that she can share with her younger sister and play with. She gladly listened.

Step 1. Glue the puppet eyes on to the brown bag. Make sure that the bottom of the bag is folded nicely as shown.
Step 2. Make sure that the eyes are aligned.

Puppet Making

Step 3. Make the hair. In her case, she wanted it to look like Dora.

Puppet Making

Step 4. Dress you puppet up by coloring the body.

Puppet Making

Step 5. Now, it’s time to show off what my eldest has made. Her newest puppet, and she named it Duday!

What about the little one? As I’ve said, I also gave her something to do. Something to keep her busy so she won’t bug her Ate Deye.


Materials needed for the puppet making:

Brown bag
Puppet eyes


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