Kuya Teryo

When I was around 6 years old, we used to own a tricycle. As most people say it in our language, “katas ng Saudi”. Yup, from my father’s hard earnings in Saudi Arabia, he was able to buy one. One of the oldest drivers that we had was Kuya Teryo.

Just the other week, I met him at the store. He’s still a driver in our area. A tricycle driver. The same old jolly “Kuya Teryo” I’ve known. I asked him to strike a pose for me, and he willingly did. I asked him if it’s okay to post it in my blog, he just nodded. Whether he understood or not what blog I was talking about, the fact that he said yes means he trusts me.

In case you’re wondering and keen to see what the logo reads on his shirt, I’d say it is truly him, for him and for the rest of the drivers like him who have been serving people all their lives….

Anyway, got to leave you with this post for now, I need to get some info on pet beds. Later!

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  1. Wow sis! Nice talaga na me uniform kayo! At sweet naman ni Kuya… 🙂 We also have one Manong who cleans our streets every morning since before I can remember. I blogged about it, too…
    BTW, I hope you’re alright na..

    Zriz’s last blog post..Books: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer


  2. Hi Z! Yup, lahat ng drivers pati vendors nakauniform dito.

    Meron pang isang driver na kinukuwento sa akin last time na dati daw pag sundo nya ako sa school nagpapabili pa akong dirty ice cream sa kanya sa labas ng school wahahaha!

    Sige, hanapin ko sa blog mo yun….


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