UntitledVinyl lettering is one of the most common ways to make your wall trendy and give it a chic yet quirky look nowadays. In the past years people used to spend a lot of money to make their walls beautiful and by decorating them with beautiful home wall accessories which were pretty expensive and to be honest, fail to change the look of the old, dull walls to a great extent. Wallstickersquote.co.uk shop is popular in the market.


Reasons for people to get these wall art decals and lettering

With the advent of vinyl wall art stickers and decals more number of people tried using these to make a difference in their homes. They are easy to put on and are light on the pocket so as to be quite affordable for everyone who is looking for a hassle free way to change their home décor. 

You can put on practically anything on your walls, may that be just letters or numbers or even words stating the name of your child or spouse or anything else on the walls through these wall décor products. Now even putting up wall quotes has become so easy, thanks to the wall stickers available to you on the various online shopping sites specially the ones dedicated for home décor.

Another reason for people to choose vinyl lettering is that the kids absolutely love it because there are different categories. They are quite creative when young and many a times you will find them drawing their masterpieces on the walls. Even though this kind of action makes every parents pretty mad at them still restricting a child from doing things he or she loves is sad and no parents can feel good about it.


And now you don’t have to feel bad about it also! With these wall decals and lettering your little bundle of joys can stick on the wall anything and everything he wants you without harming the wall or making it look dirty. Your kid can have his name engraved in this room’s wall with these stickers along with the name of his favorite superhero along with the names of all the cartoon characters he loves.

What all stuff you need to make these wall lettering on your own?

To create wall art decals, lettering and wall quotes manually there are few equipment and tools which you will need. All the equipment and items which you will need is easily available on any hardware and stationary stores near your locality as these things are very common and more or less used by everyone.

The list of things you will require are vinyl which is self-adhesive in nature, a computer (desktop or laptop) along with software needed for word-processing, printer to print out the designs and few stationary items such as pencil, paper, ruler, level, scissors. You will also have to keep a credit card with you to spread the glue in all the places evenly where the sticker is stuck on the wall and also an adhesive spray.

An instruction manual with detailed steps for you to follow:

1) Making your own customized wall art decals and vinyl lettering can be very easy and a simple task to perform if you follow the instruction exactly as it says. The first step starts by purchasing what you will need first while making the words or quote of your choice.

2) In any craft store near you, you will find vinyl which is self-adhesive similar to a contact paper. If in case you are unable to get a self-adhesive one then go for any vinyl material of your choice which is non-adhesive in nature and along with it get a good quality glue to put it on the back of the vinyl so as to stick it on the wall.

3) You can easily and quite conveniently make the stencil of the letters of the words or wall quotes you want to make into a wall sticker using your computer. You can use the fonts you like and can do it in various colors to make it more colorful. If you are opting to make words and letters which are larger in size then make sure you use one letter on one page and take out the print out of it as you can make larger stickers just like you wished in this way.

4) The next step is very easy. Remember the times we use to take out print outs of for our projects and use to cut the birds and animals and then stick it in our scrapbook and project files? You have to do the same here. After you complete doing the stencils of all the words and letters take out the printouts and then cut the letters from the printouts out of the paper. Then use the adhesive spray to glue one side of the letters and stick them on the specific wall where you want to put vinyl lettering.

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