MILK Instant Whitening and Moisturizing Lotion

When I saw this on FB, I was intrigued. How could be so true that a lotion can whiten your skin instantly? To get my curiosity answered (plus I badly need an update in this blog), I purchased one from Rhoxie’s Fab Finds.


To test, I applied a small amount all over my left arm and gently rubbed it till everything was absorbed. Here’s what I got: 


 (No filter, no flash and definitely didn’t use camera360)

Unbelievable but true heehee! There’s just one thing that I didn’t like about it, it gets stuck on my hairy arm that I had to carefully check whether everything was applied evenly. But so far so good. It doesn’t have that sticky feeling afterwards, in fact, it works like our local product Skin White.

However, in the usage instruction, it says after cleansing, apply gently on face and neck. So I assume that this lotion is meant for face and neck. But never mind, it also worked on my arm so no big deal.

Get this MILK lotion for only Php200 from:

Rhoxie’s Fab Finds
Mobile No.: 0912 327 6122

I would suggest that you check right now ‘coz she’s having a big sale in celebration of her online shop‘s first year anniversary.

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