All About WSP in its 4th Year

Wow! I didn’t know that this blog will celebrate its 4th year in its own domain this coming 23rd, just 5 days before my birthday. Who would’ve thought that this blog would go this far? If I am not mistaken I started blogging way before that, say a year before I finally migrated my existing posts to this domain

You might ask, why “mitchteryosa”? My friends fondly call me “Chelle” but since I got to Bahrain, they started calling me “Mitch” to avoid confusion with my boss’ name “Mishal” and I kinda like it, and the best part it clicked.

During the time when I was active in forum posting and Yahoo Chat Groups, one of my first online friends called me “Mitchteryosa” obviously from my nickname “Mitch” and she explained that in my chats, I would always not disclose what I feel rather keep it to myself till I get along with them well. They proved this right when the day came that we had to meet. At first, I would not exert an effort in saying “hi” first, I’d prefer to observe and see the situation before I completely come out from my shell.

That’s why when I finally decided to maintain a blog in its own domain, I picked to always remind me how my first set of online friends described me. When Silence Speaks is another story that I am going to share sometime soon.

Oooops! I am sorry that I do not have any contest or giveaways to share with my frequent readers and lurkers. But I will. I just don’t know when. Maybe when time permits, I’d think of something. But not for now.

Before I end this post, I’d like to personally thank Amore of Gandacious for continuously and patiently assisting me whenever I encounter system error and glitches in this blog. Thanks so much for the consecutive 4-year hosting! Mwah!

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