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More Paper Works

I thought I’m done with my paper works’ problems. Remember when I said Dasma Village Security Officers won’t let me in to get to the Indian Embassy? I sorted that out through a Travel Agent who processed my visa. Just this morning, I got a call from the agent saying thaty my visa was already released but…. I was only given until November. Huwaaat? November? And I am traveling in December! Hay!

Well, part of if was my fault. I didn’t know and realize that my passport is soon to expire in March 2009. Since it’s required to have a valid passport for 6 months, I don’t have a choice but to renew my passport first and apply for a fresh visa sometime in November. But there’s another problem, my amended name was questioned coz the way the Embassy of Phils. in Bahrain had written it was First Name, Maiden Middle Name, Maiden NameMarried Name when it has to be First Name, Maiden Name, Married Name. I never thought I’d encounter this problem waaaaaaaah!

Now, it’s more of paper works to be done for me. I have to go to NSO and obtain a fresh authenticated birth certificate, as it is one of the requirements for amending my existing registered name, then off to DFA for a new passport using the amended name.

Darn! I wasted a lot of money going all through this, tapos mali naman pala! Another lesson learned, check your passport expiry date first hehe!

But the agent has claimed half of its fault, so the next time I am applying for the fresh visa, they will only charge half. Better than nothing!

Enough of these sentiments. Let me go through some opps that are about to expire, need to grab this LCD mount opp before it goes off from my hand.

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