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I went to Manila last Friday to get my visa done for India (for the 2nd time). Remember the first one was only stamped until November (and that was last month)? November passed but I wasn’t able to use it because we were not really scheduled to go hehe! It was a mistake, well not a mistake but negligence either from my part or the agent’s part. At the latter part of my conversation with the agent from Rajah, he said that it was his negligence for not checking my passport first, he’s supposed to know the rules and policies better than I do. So, to avoid discussion, he promised that the next time I apply for my visa, he will pay half of the visa fee spent. Well, he did! He did keep his word! When he saw me at their office that Friday afternoon, he recognized me immediately and remembered what he promised. Thanks JM! I know I’m not supposed to be mentioning your name here but I believe you deserve to be thanked for. An agent like you is an asset to the company. Not because he paid half of my visa fee but the thought that he cares and worries for his clients’ financial status describes you enough as an efficient and good customer support. In fairness with Rajah Travel Agency, people there are helpful, really helpful. While I was seated at the waiting area, someone asked me if I was already able to talk to docs section. I mean they don’t just sit there and continue with their workloads. They observe and pay attention to the people coming in to their office.

Anyway, since I am more familiar with the places in Taft Ave, this time I chose to have my papers done in their Kalaw Office, just opposite the National Library. It’s more accessible but a lot busier compared to their office in Makati (opp Mandarin Hotel). Personally speaking, I’d say felt more comfortable dealing with the staff in Kalaw Office. They are friendlier compared to those who are in Makati. They are too, but they are more focused on their works once seated and won’t check on you from time to time if you are done with your purpose of visit yet or not.

I highly recommend Rajah Travel Agency. For Rajah’s contact details, please click here.

Note : This is not a sponsored post. I’m just happy the way I was treated by the people behind it.

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  1. It really makes you feel good as a client when you’re being treated well by the staff. By the way, I apologize for my blogging blooper the last time I sent you an award (Power Blog Award last Nov. 26, 2008). Because I’m a total blogging newbie, I forgot to upload the image of that award in my blog. Hehe. I already fixed that problem. Thanks.


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