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More than a decade but…

I should’ve continued browsing cheap auto insurance online, then maybe I would’ve not been trapped chatting with an old friend, an old special friend. It’s been more than a decade since we, well, broke up, 14 years to be exact. Just recently he found me on Facebook and a while ago had a chance to say hi to each other for old time’s sake. A little bit of updating and catching up about our common friends until we got to the unfinished part. The reason why we broke up.

Frankly speaking, I was clueless. All I could remember was he disappeared. So what I had in mind was “there could be someone else aside from me” which had always been the reason of my past relationships.

I was right. In fact not just someone else. They were two. Yep, he got her pregnant and he claims that it was just a one night affair, yet that one night changed his life. He said he had to disappear as he didn’t know how to explain me, that he had to take the responsibility of that time unborn child. Well, if he had the guts to tell me years and years ago, I would for sure tell him to do the same thing, but hurting deep inside of course.

Seriously, whatever he had told me minutes ago, still had an impact inside me. Not because I still have the feelings, I’m so over him but because I’ve been fooled and stupid to have felt and realized that I’ve been fooled big time!

Lesson learned: Be aware and more sensitive!

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