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My Baby’s {Given} Name

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{ D E R E L L E  F R A N C E L L A }

I guess you could relate to this fact that when two people are so in love (heehee!), they tend to combine their names and write it everywhere, like at the end of each closing remark when you give a greeting card on each important and memorable occasion… That’s how the word/name Der-Elle was made. We promised and conditioned our minds/selves that, if, we end up with each other, we’d use this name…

{Derrick + Michelle = Derelle}

When I was expecting, we weren’t sure if it was a boy or a girl, but I had a strong feeling it was a girl. I was right! God granted my our wish! On a safe side, we also kept a boy’s name ready… But we focused on a girl’s name since I was expecting a girl. I find Derelle a very short, plain and boring name so I thought of giving her a second name. Choices were Jayne from the word January (coz I was due on that month), then there was Joyce (that’s kinda self-explanatory) and the most voted one was Francella. Taken from her lolas’ given names, my mom and mother-in-law’s, respectively:

{Francia + Estella = Francella}

How about you Mommy Van and Mommy Yen?

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