Spotted this new item – Juicy Couture bracelet in Badet’s online shop last Monday I think. I immediately reserved the black one and paid it as soon as I got my earnings from PU2B heehee! I received it right early this  morning and I soooooo love it! In fact, I reserved another one, the white one. That was as per my mom ‘s advice who immediately saw the bracelet when I tried it on. She says it really suits me so order the white one as well. She actually wanted one but in silver, Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in silver. So, better luck next time hehe!

juicy couture

When I opened the parcel, my daughter was waiting and I saw her eyes became big when she saw the mallow pen! She knew it was for her! Thanks for putting a smile on my daughter’s face sis (another freebie from Badet)!

I’d for sure order more soon! Strike that! I’d for sure order more when PU2B pays again hahaha!

Mitch Carvalho

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