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My kids’ reaction after seeing flooded streets

This rainy season is a not so good time for us. Classes suspended. Continuous rains. Flooded streets. Damaged houses. Kids’ puzzled faces. The moment my eldest saw what’s happening outside from our terrace, she asked “Mama, may storm?” I said, this time there’s none and hoping there’d be none otherwise we will be stuck here. Since I was trying to make the situation light, I told my youngest to get her swim suit ready so we can swim downstairs and she said “Ayaw ko, it dooooorrrtttty!”

True enough! The water looked like a creamy coffee. As the flood water level rises, we get too panicky thinking of other relatives stuck in their 2nd floor. As much as we can do something for them, we have no choice but to just communicate with them via text messages to save the battery as the power was already cut from morning.

I am so glad that we live at the 2nde floor. Otherwise, it will be traumatic for the kids. Well, somehow they’d find it fun but for how long? Seeing the houses’ fences slowly go, I wish every house has a rubber boat with some kind of ada pool lift for support.

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