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Yesterday was Juventus’ Learners Culminating Activity held in Olongapo City Convention Centre. I maybe a working mom but I make sure that I find time for my kids especially in school programs that my eldest is involved.

In school, she is known to be “shy” and there were a couple of events where she did not participate simply because she didn’t want to. Just before the event, I made sure she is conditioned and we even made a deal that if she performs well, I will give in to her request of getting a new real “pink” bike. It had been in her wishlist since Christmas but as I have said, I don’t just give in to “big things” like this unless she deserves it.

Since she wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I have told myself “Don’t expect too much that she’d perform”. But I didn’t give up easily. I tried every possible thing to make her dance. I promised that I’ll polish her nails and put make up on. I think it worked. She did! She made me proud again! I really don’t care how much I’ve spent in her costume for as long as she’d participate and get herself involved in activities like this. In fact, the costume she was wearing yesterday was custom made including the pink long sleeves. I even thought of getting her a pair of boots to match with her costume but unfortunately only womens boots were available in the market.

Oh by the way, their group “K2 Class” performed a dance to the tune of Bruno Mars’ Billionaire, thus, the costume. Yup, she’s the only girl in the class and that’s what made it more exciting for a stage mom like me hahaha! Here’s sharing with you a couple of photos we had taken in the house just before we left for OCC.

More photos here. Please stand by for the video clip of their performance, I’m still struggling to upload it online.

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