On finishing a degree

I envy those who completed a degree without having to experience financial constraint and pity those who have all the means to finish a course but choose not to simply because they don’t want to.

I was on my way to 5th year, the last year  in BS Industrial Engineering when my father lost his job. It was so unfortunate that he gotten sick at the same time. My only brother was on his 6th grade and I thought giving in would be the best move and decision. I would’ve worked and continued with my studies but I thought that won’t be a wise and practical decision if I am also to consider the expenses and utilities at home, medication of my father and my brother’s school expenses. So I completely stopped and started working. I worked as a Purchasing Assistant and compensated with only Php4k a month, so imagine the struggle? But I am glad I survived and even achieved some of my goals. I’d be hypocrite n0t to admit that in between I felt insecured each time my college friends contact me. I actually avoided them for some reasons but when someone told me “You should be proud of yourself coz you managed to survive and sustain your family’s needs despite the absence of your diploma. That was the time when I stood up and said to myself “Yes, I’m a lot better than anyone”.

To date, I’d say it again I had no regrets. I have reached where I am now with the help of self-courage and ability, not to forget the guts to work abroad where I didn’t know anyone.

But of course, if given a chance I would still want to continue with my schooling, not necessarily finish what I have left back then but at least something to be proud of. In fact, I might enroll this coming June and take up what I really wanted at the Company’s expense. Or I might also consider learning through online courses offered in the Internet. Guess we are lucky these days that online schools like chiropractic school are available.

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