It started with a very bad headache, then a body pain. I thought I caught a flu. With this bed weather, that’s possible. Today morning, I knew it was not flu.

Flank pain and constant strong pain on my left lower bladder existed. And it got stronger. I suspected it could be a kidney problem again. So I went to St. Jude and had a check-up.

I got there before 11am, had a consultation with the physician on duty. After telling her the details, I was asked to do the usual lab tests, a urinalysis and ultrasound just to be sure that what we were expecting was right. I was diagnosed with kidney stones last year, so it’s possible that I got them again.

I went for a urinalysis first without knowing and left uninformed that ultrasound cuts off between 9-12nn. That time it was only 11:40am but they wouldn’t accommodate me so I had to argue with the staff on duty. Call me a bitch but at times I have to be one.

“I was seated at the waiting area for more than half an hour, no one even told me that I can no longer get my ultrasound done. And you’re telling me to come back tomorrow?”

Yes, ma’am, you can come between 9am-12nn. I checked my watch and learned it was only 11:40am. 20 minutes more.

“9am-12nn? It’s only 11:40 am. Why can’t you take me in? You expect me to come back tomorrow when I’m in pain?” C’mon!”

Okay, ma’am let me talk to the doctor in charge in the Ultrasound Department.

I was lucky I guess that I got in. The last patient to be accommodated with their non-sense time schedule.

I laid down, and I was told my bladder has to be full to do the ultrasound. I was like, what? They asked me to take the urinalysis without even informing me that this ultrasound requires a full bladder. I had no choice but to drink a liter of water. It took me like forever to finish half of it.

Diagnosis? Kidney stones on my left kidney and a UTI. WBC was 20-25 while normal is supposed  to be 0-4, so that’s quite highly infected. Having these, I was advised to go on a low purine diet.

Low purine diet

Normally, when a person is at risk or diagnosed with Uric Acid Stones, a low purine diet should be followed. Because the doctor anticipates that it could get worse having stones already on my left kidney, she advised me to follow it, strictly. That I can’t promise! I will try but I know myself, I can’t do it.

Next week, I’d have repeat lab tests plus Uric Acid, Crea, and some other tests that I am not even familiar of. I’ll be on a month medication and then off to another check up on September 4.

Lab tests

 Poor me, I have to bear with these medicines once again. I also need to get myself used to drinking sambong. *sigh*

Ural and antibiotic

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