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On My True Feelings About SONA

I just received a text message from my cousin who is a freshman in FEU.

Ate Mitch, pwede po ba patulong gumawa ng reaction tungkol sa SONA ni GMA?

I laughed and replied to her:

Hahaha! Gusto mo yung tunay na feeling ko? SONAbab*tch yan!!! Kelan mo ba kelangan?

I know I shouldn’t be saying this online. I have no idea if there’s a consequence of saying this. All I know is I have the right to react and express my true feelings. Honestly, I appreciate our President’s effort stating all her good plans for our country. The only thing that made me reacted that way was when she mentioned about the 50c less charges for local text messaging.

I mean c’mon, does she really need to mention it in her SONA? Was it some kind of an endorsement or something? I’m sure it’ll help but don’t they know it’ll be a greater help for everyone if they’ve thought of something better than that like a solution to the rice crisis that our country is facing right now? I’m not saying that this text messaging promotion good deed offer whatever you call it isn’t a good thing at all, it sure is!

Being an ex-OFW, roaming service/s of these networks had really helped my family members save P19 in every text message that they sent me. What I’m trying to say is there are so many things to prioritize first. Why don’t they focus on something better first yeah?

In just 6 months, jeepney fare has increased. Same with the bus fare going to Manila/Cubao. My daughter’s milk price has also increased etc etc etc.

6 months ago

  • Progress 3 Gold 1.6kgs > P804
  • Jeepney fare (min of 4kms) > P7.50
  • Bus fare (from Olongapo to Cubao) > P186
  • Rice per kilo (Sinandomeng) > P35
  • Rice per 50 kgs (Sinandomeng) > P1,380

6 months later

  • Progress 3 Gold 1.6kgs > P917
  • Jeepney fare (min of 4kms) > P8.50
  • Bus fare (from Olongapo to Cubao) > P206
  • Rice per kilo (Sinandomeng) > P40
  • Rice per 50 kgs (Sinandomeng) > P2,000

Imagine the difference? Hah! I could really feel now the sentiments of my family during the times when I couldn’t send enough remittance to them.

Wait! Don’t you think I should be posting this in my SAHM Sentiments? Hahaha! Hay galit na naman ako hahaha! I think I should get going and check on liver cleanse that I am sending to my uncle abroad. Lilinis pa ang atay nya hahaha!

Speaking of atay, do you know that beef liver per kilo is now @ 200/kilo? Darn! I’d rather not put beef liver in my Menudo haha!

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