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Otso Walo Eight, Haaay!

Not sure when it started but my brother told me that the minimum jeepney fare is now P8. Huwaaaaaat? How many days I haven’t gone out na ba? LOL! No. Actually, I went out with Deye yesterday but we took a tricycle from here to our destination – Jollibee Rotonda/Apo. Yup, call me lazy but I really hate walking even for just a few steps.

Back to the P8, let me just share my little kahihiyan encountered with Mr. Jeepney Driver 7 years ago. The day I left for Bahrain, the jeepney fare was still P2.50, that was in year 1999. I came back for my first vacation after 2 years. The next day, I went to the market and paid P2.50 as I sat down inside. Then the driver said “iha, san ka ba nanggaling? kwatro na ang pamasahe!” I was like “ho?!!”, looked around me, everyone was smiling. So I paid P1.50 more and apologized to manong. When I came home, I told them in an upsetting tone, “why nobody bothered to tell me that the jeepney fare is now P4?” And they all laughed so hard when I told them what just happened to me. Because of that incident, I made sure that everytime I come home, I ask them first before I take my first steps out of the house hahaha!

And now, after 7 years, the fare has doubled. Haaaaay! I couldn’t imagine how much it’ll be when Deye reaches her teenage years…..

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  • lady cess

    what happened to you was indeed funny. parang kang galing sa time travel 😀 buti na lang nataon ka sa driver with a sense of humor. maraming drivers ngayon mang-aaway dahil dyan.

    lady cess’s last blog post..More Than Just Good Luck


  • Mitch

    @ Feng : Onga eh, wrong timing ata ang balik ko dito haha! Ramdam ko ang crisis!

    Re: plugin, saw that somewhere. Sana wag akong pagalitan ni Amore may new plugin na naman ako LOL!


  • Mitch

    @ Cess : Sinabi mo, nakakahiya pa kasi the jeepney was full of passengers LOL! With confidence pa kamo pag-abot ko ng bayad hahaha! Lagi kasi akong natutulog sa pansitan. Yang P8 na yan di ko na naman alam, buti di pa ako nagjeep haha!


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