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Pangasinan’s Boneless Bagoong Isda

One of the things that I love about traveling is that I get to buy stuff and specialties of particular places that I go to. A week ago, we were in Pangasinan to shoot for our AVP. On our way home, we went to buy boneless bagoong isda. It’s a must for me as we usually do not get good qualities in our place. Also, I promised my mom to buy some.

boneless bagoong isda

I was surprised that they were selling it for Php50 for 3 bottles as big as the regular ketchup bottle. If only it was easy to handcarry stuff, I would have bought more. I only bought 9 bottles and gave away to those who deserve a pasalubong from me haha! Just in time, before I traveled, my househelp/nanny brought some green mangoes so I bought alamang for that, too!

Bagoong isda and alamang

What do you expect? That same day when I arrived, our dinner was:

Okra and talong

Are you drooling now? Teehee!

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