After 3 months, my last box finally landed. Well, it wasn’t the forwarder’s fault. It was actually sent to me – air freight last week through my husband’s colleague, coz I left it with him as I went over baggage when I traveled. I had no choice but to leave the box.

So yesterday, I received a message from Makati Express saying that they are on their way here. I got excited! My clothes have been gathering dust inside it for 3 months now… plus some of the pasalubongs that I bought were also there:

  • 2 pair of shoes > found
  • A Mango sling wallet > handle missing
  • 6 bottles of perfumes > 4 bottles found
  • A jacket, like what F1 Racers wear > missing

I am 101% sure I kept them there! That was the last box I packed…

The box came sealed. Now I am not sure what went wrong, was it Makati Express‘ fault or????? I am darn upset!!!! !#W#$@#$#!!!!

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  1. hahahah! i can relate to this one mitch! nakuuuu! kung pwede lang nga mag rally noh?

    get this, one blogger, si Bea sent me a xmas gip. sinabi na nya kung ano ang laman. heheeh.
    pucha! november pa pinadala, eh ano na ngayon? ABRIL NAAAAA!!! hahahaa


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