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If there’s one thing that would surely make my husband smile, it’ll be a digital media player with a recorder. I remember the days when he would sit in the PC for over night downloading songs for his cell phone, then he would upload everything at one time and use it like a walkman.

He’s a certified music lover, but the type of music he prefers is not my kind of thing. He’s very fond of Apl de Aps of Blackeyed Peas songs. There was one time when “Bebot” was really a hit, he would put the other ear piece in my ear when the “Be-bebot Bebot” and “Pilipino! Pilipino!” lines were playing. Take note, he does that when I’m asleep! Irritating at times, but now I miss those moments *sigh*. Anyway, we’ll be seeing each other soon so…

That’s why when I read somewhere that is currently offering good deals on certain items, I immediately visited the links given on that site and looked for a portable player. It’s worth it! I found one! Yey! It’s the Archos 604 30 GB Ultraslim Portable Digital Media Player and Recorder. Guess what’s good about the deal? You can save up to 60% plus a free budget shipping for only $119.99. List price was around $299.99. Not bad huh?

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