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Pineapple Sandwich

Back to school. Back to preparing snacks for kids. Kuya Renz, our Cook at work, taught me how to make Pineapple Spread. A great alternative to the usual sandwiches that our kids love to have.

Pineapple Sandwich

Y0u would need: 


Cheddar Cheese
Condensed Milk
Crushed Pineapple (15.5 oz.)

How to make:

(1) Drain the crushed pineapple. Squeeze a bit to remove the remaining juice. Set aside.

Crushed pineapple

(2) Grate half of the cheddar cheese bar.
(3) Put the drained and squeezed crushed pineapple in one container then mix the grated cheese with it.


(4) Pour half of the small tin of condensed milk.
(5) Mix well and keep in a small container. Refrigerate.

I had a slice of bread with it. I smiled. I hope my kids would love it, too!

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