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PMN Fam Pics : Plated

PMN Fam Pics theme for this month is plated.

Couldn’t find anything plated except for these photos. Click on the images to get the recipes. Then let me know if I can be a good chef. 😉

Participants for this month:

  1. Pinayhekmi: Scrambled eggs
  2. Ruth: Filipino breakfast
  3. Lynn: Tukneneng
  4. Mommy Chi: Fried rice and beef stew
  5. Ajay: Because pancit is my favorite dish
  6. Julie: PinoyMomsNetwork Fam Pics 3: Plated (On a Plate)
  7. Connie: Chopsticks on a plate
  8. Mitch: PMN FamPics: Plated
  9. Cookie: New York on a Plate


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