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After you have lived in your house for a couple of months, even years, it can start to feel like you’ve lost the initial buzz that you had when you first moved in. The excitement of staking your claim on a property, the rush you got when you could start to stamp your personality all over your own personal space. There’s nothing quite like it. However, these feelings start to dwindle when you become complacent with the situation that you’re in. So how do we rid ourselves of it?

Have A Good Clear Out Decluttering your house of all for the things inside it which you don’t want, need or use anymore can be such a relief. You don’t realise just how much stuff is taking up space which could be better utilised. It may seem like quite a drastic move, but there are items in your home which could be put to a lot of better use by the people who actually want them – consider donating to a charity or refuge near to you if you can, especially if you are clearing out old clothes. There has been a surge of minimalism recently within people’s homes, and this has been inspired by the decluttering guru Marie Kondo. If you are looking for where to start with letting go of items that you know that you can’t cherish forever, do a search online to see where’s best to begin. You may have been doing it wrong this whole time.

Clean It Up It may be that you just need to breathe a new lease of life into what you’ve already got. If you have carpets down, they could just need a good clean to bring them back to their former glory; look for a website which can offer you a carpet cleaning service or a special carpet cleaner hoover which will be able to get the grime out. Pay attention to small things like skirting boards and door frames which usually get looked over – just a quick wipe or a new lick of paint may be all that they need to bring a bit of the sparkle back to your rooms. Move all of the furniture and remember to hoover, sweep and mop underneath them all thoroughly to get your home feeling truly fresh again. A top tip is to clean your light fittings; you never truly know how much light you’re losing to dust until you clean it off!

Redecorate To Your New Tastes If all else fails, it’s probably time to redecorate. Our tastes change over time, as does general fashion, and what may have been on trend when you first moved in could have gone completely by the wayside now. A new coat of paint could be all that you need to rejuvenate a room, but going further than this isn’t something to be avoided. If you know that your furniture is looking tired, you could try and do it up (think repainting for wooden furniture and reupholstering for sofas and chairs) or buy new altogether to really give you a fresh start.

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