Ripe Mango Turon

Mango Turon

After attending a gathering last week, I learned that turon is not only about bananas. That you can either use peach and mango or just each one. I loved it, thus I tried making it. In this case, I only used ripe mangoes.

Ripe mangoes, cubed
Evaporated milk
White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Chocolate Syrup
Spring roll wrapper

Here’s how:
1. Cut the mangoes into cubes.
2. Pour a little bit of evap milk, beaten egg and white sugar according to your taste.
3. Mix and wrap them well.
4. Roll the wrapped mango onto the brown sugar.
5. Fry it until the wrapper turns brown.
6. Top it up with chocolate syrup.

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  1. I always have mango in the house ,my kids favorite snack and never knew that it can be make into turon.will try this recipe ,I have wrappers in the freezer and all the ingredients


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