Safety door guards

Having your child locked inside a room with no one else could get so scary. This already happened in our new home twice. First incident was when we were all in the garden and our main door was accidentally locked. It’s a deadlock that couldn’t be opened by force just like the normal door locks. Unfortunately, that time my phone was left inside the house, as well as the spare keys. I had to go to the gate and asked one of the guards to lend me their phone so I could get help from my parents who also have spare keys. We had to wait till they arrived. Time travel from there without traffic was 30 minutes.

Second incident recently happened. One of the girls must have curiously turned the lock on and left the master’s bedroom locked. When I was going for a bath, that’s the only time I learned that the room was locked the whole time. Good thing, after the first incident, I have learned my lesson and kept some spare keys downstairs and because of those incidents, I bought safety door guards from National Bookstore last week. 


They look like these when unattached to the door.


And like this when attached and used.


These cute door guards:

-provide a simple but effective safeguard against the danger of slamming doors.
-also help prevent children from accidentally locking themselves into a room.
-Ideal for use on every door in your home.

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