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See the World on a Budget With Cheap Cruises

For many, a cruise to some exotic locale would be the ultimate luxury vacation. Because the idea of a cruise is associated with luxury, most people don’t realize that a cruise is not as out-of-reach as they might think. There are cheap cruises out there, too, and they can be every bit as delightful and wonderful as ones that cost ten times their price.

Did you know that some companies offer 3-night cruises from England through Belgium and France for less than $500? That’s including meals for the entire trip — and you go full-circle, ending up in England again! Imagine a full week of cruising through the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, visiting a new delightful country each day. France, Italy, Corsica, Spain and Majorca are yours to experience, with 8 hours or more to spend at each before you move on to your next destination. That’s practically a day in each country — long enough to breathe in the exotic atmosphere, collect souvenirs, take photos and move on. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself without common vacation worries like finding a hotel to stay in or being hassled with security at an airport before leaving.

Often, cruises are not discounted due to lesser quality, but rather because they haven’t filled the cruise ship to full capacity at the regular price. Sailing with less than the maximum amount of passengers loses the company money, so they’re willing to slash prices to fill those empty slots — and that’s where you come in. Sign up for last-minute cruises for 60 percent or more off of the regular price. You’ll be on the exact same cruise and ship that others paid twice as much for! Most cheap cruises provide all of your meals and rarely cost more than $1000, even for the week-long cruises, so don’t let your budget keep you from seeing the world!

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