And that was another great meetup!

Connected Women Zambales

At first (and as usual), during the introduction, everyone was quiet and just smiling, a little hesitant to say something about themselves.

But as the clock strikes, you would know that each one in the room has already adjusted especially during those “bring me” games. You would see one holding the whole bag already, ready to run in front, or a group taking groufies secretly, and simply chatting with each other.

Speaking of groufies, this is one thing I admire about this group, no matter how busy they are networking and catching up with each other, the moment they see the #selfiestick that I always bring with me, they’d stop, run to me, and squeeze themselves in to fit in the screen hahaha! See it for yourself!! 😂😂😂

It was also good to know that the number of “recent wins” from the 1st meetup has increased. A few finally made their way to work from home, some has bravely ventured into business, while some has also willingly shared their plans and purposes why they attended last night. What an achievement eh??

Thank you, Maam Mercy and her team of Skin Desyre San Marcelino Zambales Branch for the basic steps you can do at home regularly to keep your skin healthy, and of course the beauty goodies that you have generously shared with us, as usual.

1. Cleansing. This is the first step and most effective way to remove dust, dirt and any dead layer from your skin. Should also be done to remove previously applied makeup.
2. Toning. Next to cleansing is toning and done to restore your skin’s natural pH levels, which might have been altered during the first step (cleansing). By toning, you are restoring your skin to its natural pH. Toning also makes your skin more resistant to bacteria and micro-organisms.
3. Moisturizing. To keep your skin looking radiant and glowing throughout the day, you need to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! A lot of us think that this step can be skipped by those who have oily skin. This is still actually an important step for all skin types.
4. Exfoliation. Do this at least once or twice a week as it can help improve the results of your skin care routine and likewise help rejuvenate your skin. Regardless if you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin, exfoliation can help restore your skin’s complexion. It also helps remove dead skin, leaving it shiny and fresh.
5. Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin healthy. At least 8-10 glasses per day. A must yet some people mostly forget!
6. Use Sunscreen for skin protection.

To sis Jen of The The Digital Commuter who gathered us all together from the 1st Meetup down to our 4th last night, to all the kind and generous sponsors for voluntarily becoming a part of this meetup and giving away prizes for more fun, and of course, to all the amazing women who made time last night, thank you.

Aice Cak Es
BEST Freeport Colleges
Myra Fajota Concepcion
Shey Bakes
The Digital Commuter

Lastly, this meetup gave me and my high school friend, Perlina, an excuse to meet and catch up over coffee while we listen to the above basic skincare steps on how to keep your skin healthy.

Yeah, that was a much-needed one for people like us who have already reached their 40s.

Once again, congrats to all of us! Till our next meetup… Bt the way, if you happen to be from Zambales and wanted to join on our next meetup, please send me a message and I will gladly add you to our FB Group to keep you updated. In the meantime, below are the dates of the next scheduled meetups, which will once again happen simultaneously in some cities and countries.

Hope to see you in the next coming meetups!

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