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Seven, a lucky number indeed to some people. For me? It is not! It is about clothing. Some of you may have heard about seven jeans or seven for all mankind. If not, well then let me give you an idea…

Seven Jeans are the most popular denim jeans in the market nowadays. Offering different styles both for men and women. How I came to know about this? Through a friend who actually tried one and proudly told me that it fits her good, and that I should try too! She’s been telling me to purchase one for myself out of my PayPal money hahaha! Then, I told her that she should give me one from her pocket. It’s Christmas anyway, the best time to share your blessings. She said okay, what’s your size? Oh? I’m not so sure if she was just pulling my leg or she really wanted to buy one for me. Well, if it’s true, then I must believe that seven is a lucky number indeed! Hahaha!

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