So much opposite but I’m glad they still go together well. Too early to tell, I know, but I just wanna focus on the positive side. Yup, I’m talking about my girls.

Since the day I had Ishi (This is how Erchelle calls herself, a baby talk of her name, we thought it’s cute so why not use it! Anyway, it follows the same pattern how Deye got Deye as her nickname), I couldn’t help but to compare them. Let me enumerate some things about them: On eating habits:
Deye is a picky eater. She takes ages to finish a plate.
Ishi eats anything and everything. She even drags me to the pantry to make “didi” for her.

On sleeping and waking up:
Deye falls as sleep easily. Even during a short jeepney ride, she would sleep safe and sound.
Ishi takes time to get settled in bed. She would literally toss and turn before she finally goes to sleep.

I could say that Deye can be as slow as a turtle in the mornings.
Ishi usually wakes up before us, and if you don’t pay attention to her, she would throw her feeding bottle right straight to your face.

On daily activities:
Deye would rather sit at home with her DSi on, spend time watching her fave cartoons and play dress up in her netbook.
Ishi, well, a toddler obviously is still an explorer. But you know what, when Deye was her age, she was just stuck on her baby chair watching  Barney. Believe me, Barney was like a part of our family and a baby sitter at times.

On potential talents:
Deye, at 2 years old had already shown her interest in music and could sing kiddie and teleserye theme songs by heart. She could even sing along in our Magic Sing.
Ishi shows interest in dancing. She would sway and give her best moves even to the slowest music beat she’d hear.

These are just few things about my girls. I could go on and on but never mind for as long as they get along well despite their opposite personality and interests. I can tell, I’m their mother! From the look in their eyes, I know what they have in mind. No need for document scanning, as I’ve said, I know well coz I’m their mother!

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