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I had been chatting with my bestfriend for the last 2 days regarding some paper works that she also have to process. She is currently based in Idaho. I mentioned that I had encountered problems in applying my visa for India, but when I had sorted it out, I came to know that my passport is soon to expire. Then she also realized that she also needs to renew her passport that is going to expire in another couple of months. Just like me, she also needs to have her passport renewed as she is off for a month vacation to Philippines in December. The thing is she has to go to San Francisco for this whole process of passport renewal. That reminded me of San Francisco tours that I read somewhere a week ago. Since she’s going to San Francisco in the next two weeks, I suggested that she should get herself and her sister some Knotts berry farm tickets, for a change. At least something to do while she’s there. She’s going to spend anyway, so why not make the best out of it.

Well, she laughed about it and told me “you’re such a bad influence!” Hahaha! If I’d get a chance to go somewhere like San Francisco, I’d definitely do something different.

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