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Tips to Staying Energized

A working mom’s life is never easy. More so, when your better half is not around to listen to your sentiments. Weekends are supposed to be fun and relaxing but in my case, it gets more exhausting on these two days when I am supposed to be resting.

My househelp goes on her day-off on a weekend, leaves the house on a Friday afternoon as soon as I got home from work and comes back the next day, 24 hours later to be exact. But more often she would give me excuses that something came up and that she can’t make it. That happened again today. I expect her to be back last night but she didn’t show up and came at 7am today, without even bothering to call or text. To think, I gave her a mobile phone for that purpose. *sigh*

Aside from that, I also have errands to do on a Saturday. Yesterday, I had to pay my dues and buy groceries but since my househelp was on her day-off, I had to ask my mom to babysit my kids while I’m out. With that in mind, I need to rush and finish the things I need to do fast.

Most of the time, I get a headache and feel weak. Thanks to online search returns, I just found what I needed to know: Tips to Staying Energized

1. Eat a balanced diet.
2. Balance your food intake with energy you expend.
3. Engage in daily physical activity.
4. Get enough sleep.
5. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!
6. Be mentally healthy.
7. Pray.

Just by reading the above, I already know where I failed. I also agree that:

Energy is needed to get through each and every day. While a change of lifestyle may be needed for some, as these guidelines point out, the rewards for healthy living definitely promise energy not only to your every day, but also to the rest of your years.

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