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Two Things Happened On My Two Days Hiatusness

Some of you may be wondering and asking “how come Mitch didn’t post a single entry for the past two days?”. Okay, only if you did hehehe!

Here are the two things that happened on my two days hiatus:

  1. Deye was sick. Blame it to “teething” blues.
  2. Our babysitter has shown her true colors. She decided not to come just like that! Haaaaaaay!

Remember the day when I posted Inang Yaya where I said:

I guess, we are lucky to have her as my daughter’s nanny. She is a very responsible “right-hand”. I don’t want to call her a “nanny” really. She deserves to be treated as one of the family. One thing I like most about her is she tells us what happened during the “four hours” that she was with my daughter. As in everything including the “scratches” and “numbers of falling” my daughter had got.

She even helps me with the house chores whenever my daughter is asleep. I don’t need to tell her… She does it herself.

Well… just like other mothers, I’ve recently experienced problems with her. I was so disappointed about her sudden change. Three weeks ago, when she learned that my husband will be on leave from the 15th, she told him that she won’t be coming 2 days before that (13th) as she will be very busy due to Ramadan. Meaning she’ll be having more part time jobs with Arab families, whatever. I told my husband that he’d better speak to her, she can’t do that because we are also paying her. And if she wants to make more money, don’t forget her first commitments. She then said okay, she will come.

Before that, I’ve noticed that she’s no longer doing any of the house chores that she used to do. But I didn’t say a word about it. Coz I have told her from the beginning that she doesn’t have to do that, that Deye will be her main job with us. So I kept quiet. Plus two days that she didn’t come. Obviously my job is also affected. If she’s not there, I have to stay at home.

Two days ago, I had to stay at home because Deye was not well. Normally if I’m home I take care of Deye. And if she’s there, she does something else like cleaning the bathroom. But that day she was sitting in the living room watching TV while I was feeding Deye. I still didn’t say anything, what is one day rest for her in our house anyway? That day, her transport came late for like 10 minutes and she felt bad, I believe. As soon as she reached her house, she called my husband saying that from tomorrow she won’t be coming anymore.

What the??? Goodness gracious! At least be considerate that Deye was sick and she knows that I have to go to work. At least let us find a replacement. But what else can we do? She’s on a free visa and not on contract. She can do whatever she wants like what she just did. But at least she could’ve thought of the situation.

Within those two days, I have thought of resigning from my job *sigh*. Within those two days, I struggled to find another babysitter. Good thing, yesterday I met the former babysitter of our neighbor, and she recommended one. Just next our building. I went there with Deye. She’s a housewife to an American and a mother to a 7 year old girl who goes to school in the morning. She used to be a babysitter/househelp I guess. And now that she’s a housewife, she has all the time in the world. She accepted and agreed to look after Deye for 4 hours daily except Friday. She picks her up in the morning and takes her to their house. Better than nothing. I just hope that this time, she won’t back out just like what S did.

I was glad Deye came to her quietly this morning without a fuss. I had to tell Deye that she’ll get to see the big teddy bear in their house and she went with her nicely giving us her flying kisses….

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  • feng

    ay parang familiar sa akin yang kwento ng babysitter mo Mitch. while I was reading through the entry, ay sabi ko: parang I went through the same situation ah, and many times pa, and worst even than your case.

    good thing you found a new babysitter ASAP, at least you are able to get back to work today.

    sorry to hear about Deye’s teething. perhaps soothing it with a tooth gel for teething could help. plus more hugs and kisses from Mommy too. 🙂

    cheer on Mitch!

    Naku! During those 2 days, pumasok ka din sa isip ko eh. Naalala ako about your prodigal yaya. Subukan nyang bumalik, no way!

    Buti nga kamo at nakahanap din kahapon otherwise baka mawalan na din ako ng trabaho.

    Oo nga eh, kawawa nga. Buti marunong na magsabi san ang masakit sa kanya. Yup, meron syang teething gel. Ayun, panay lang daw laro sa bagong babysitter’s house nya.

    Thanks Feng! With you, alam kong di ako nag-iisa sa ganitong sitwasyon hahaha!


  • Kongkong622

    Isa ako dun sa mga nag-wonder.

    There goes another story of a “yaya” na lumaki ang ulo. Sad to say, maraming ganyan ang nangyayari. Sometimes it’s the familiarity. They feel that they can get away with murder, if you know what I mean.

    Tama ka, teach her a lesson. Wag mong pabalikin. Kung di sana si Deye ang affected but of all people, siya nga ang affected ng sobra.

    Buhay nga naman 🙁

    Re Deye’s teething….we used ORAGEL. I hope it’s available there but it worked wonders for my kids. Sabi ng iba you can use butter daw. Never tried it though.

    Talaga? Namiss mo ba ako? 😉

    Ay naku gigil na gigil nga ako when my husband told me about it! Pasalamat sya di ako ang sinabihan nya, otherwise… Kaya nga siguro di ako ang kinausap hehe!

    No way I’ll take her back, manigas sya!

    I use Dentinox teething gel for her gums. May honey din kami. It helps din naman kaya lang for sometime lang siguro kasi may-maya ngawa na naman. I feel guilty nga kasi tulad ngayon I have to be back at work, wala ako dun haaaaaaay!


  • janet

    waaa… what a dilemma you had to go thru. in my case naman, ako ang nagpalayas sa maid namin. hahaha. inunahan ko na. 😀 at least ako, i’m staying at home, so it’s not that hard kung walang maid.

    teething – i guess my samantha is also starting to teeth. her gums are swollen, both the upper gum and lower gum and i can see white bumps like almost coming out already. i haven’t used any gel yet. hmmm… will get one tomorrow.

    p.s. yeah, i wondering why you were so quiet. 😛

    Sinabi mo, when these things happen nakakapagbalak akong magresign ng di nag-iisip, buti di natutuloy hehe!

    She’s better naman na kaso walang gana kumain eh!


  • analyse

    hay naku, buti na lang such cases will never happen here. per contract basis kasi ang mga yaya dito, so i dont worry that one day e aalisan kami ng yaya.. in fact, our yaya is already talking about having louna with her even next year, when louna starts schooling na.. but then, she’s living 15 min from our place.. layo naman, wala ng kalaro si louna after school.

    on teething, hay naku, tigasin nga yata talaga tong si louna, di pinansin kahit yung premolar teeth nya hehhee… hope deye’s better now…

    My husband wanted to get a full housemaid per contract basis kaso ayoko lang kasi madaming run-away househelpers dito na once nakakita ng mas maganda sweldo or opportunity bigla kang lalayasan. So paano na lang yung nagastos sa visa and other expenses, eh yung housemaid visa lang pag bibili ka para mas madali nasa BD450 (approx P20K) na plus responsibilidad mo pa. I thought of bringing one of my cousins here kaso pareho din ng dahilan nga na naisip ko, pano kung bigla akong layasan. At least yung ganto layasan man ako walang masyadong damage. Yun lang mahirap na hahanap na naman.

    Buti di ininda ni Louna no? Si Deye ngayon lang yan nag-arte ng ganyan dati di din naman. Ngayon ayaw talaga kakain. Inaabot kami ng siyam-siyam to finish a meal.

    She’s better now, thanks!


  • Christianne

    Yikes Mitch, 4 hours a day lang? I can imagine you hurrying through work because of that. Hope you can find a full-time sitter soon.

    Sa gabi ako nagmamadali lagi umuwi kasi yung husband ko dapat makaalis ng bahay ng 6:30, eh kapag late yung hatid sa akin walang mapag-iiwanan. Kaloka nga set-up namin, pagdating ko sa bahay sya naman ang aalis, palitan lang hehe!


  • sunshineforlife

    aw sad it ended that way. but hope things are getting better now.

    At the moment, everything is okay… and better I guess. We get to save like P3k na dapat bayad sa tranportation dati.


  • karen

    hi mitch! ako dami na ding yaya-nightmare stories. kahit anong pakikisama / bribe ang gawin mo sa kanila, basta nakaisip na aalis, aalis na lang… palibhasa alam nilang in demand sila. yung yaya ko nga ngayon, almost 1 year na sa akin, pero siguro more than 10X ng nag attempt lumayas, napaka sensitive. ayaw ng pinakikialaman, pwede ba naman yon? kaso lang no choice din kami, working kami pareho ni hubby…

    hay, buti na lang may nahanap ka agad. sana tumagal ang set up nyo.
    God Bless!


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