Yep, Deye has it. 🙁 Remember when I said she sometimes holds her wee wee whenever I don’t put her diaper? I suspect that was the start….

Anyway, the doctor said there’s nothing to worry coz it’s very mild… Good thing that she had a check up right away. She’s given antibiotics, Cefaclor-Xelent, and she has to consume the whole bottle before she undergoes another urinalysis. Btw, this medicine costs P735.55 haaaaay!

I hope and pray she gets better fast…

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. Onga eh pero masigla naman sya wag lang iihi, tingin psychological effect na lang din minsan kasi akala nya masakit na masakit lagi tuwing iihi. 🙁

    Malakas naman sya sa water… Ayaw nya ng coconut juice kasi maganda din daw yung panglinis, kasi daw dirty water yun haha! Malabo kasi.


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