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When I was pregnant with my youngest, I had a good talk with my OB during one of my check-ups. I asked her “How many babies do you deliver in a day?” “5-6 babies the most, depending on the duration of the mother’s active labor”, she said.

Wow! That must be so hard for you! I’m sure your emotions are uncontrollable during those moments, especially when you hear them cry. I’ve thrown her another question, a personal question and she was ready to answer. I asked her “Are you married with children?” She answered right away “No.”

I thought to myself, that must be harder for her. I guess she had a hint of what I was going to say and responded instead “It’s harder when the babies you helped get delivered is not yours, but it’s okay, I see it more as a vocation. My call. So I’m fine, no worries. I have my nieces and nephews to make my day anyway.

I didn’t ask further. I understood! Indeed, Obstetrician & Gynecologist Jobs must be hard and even harder when you don’t have kids or can’t bear one.

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