Wedding Gift Set

I witnessed my mother giving cookware sets to every wedding that she attended. Once when I got fed up watching and accompanying her get these sets, I irritably asked her:

Why not give something else?

She replied and reasoned out:

These things are useful, in time you’ll know…

The reason why I asked was simply because “I’m not fond of anything that is connected to kitchen”.

Until… I became a wife, and a mother. I guess, I don’t have a choice but to attend to my husband’s and daughter’s empty stomach. Though it does not happen everyday, I have to do it once in a while. Now, don’t ask me how often is that? I won’t give you an answer hahaha! Then, I realized my mother’s practical reason back then.

Before I got married, we didn’t have kitchenware / appliances. When some of our close friends asked us on what do we prefer for a wedding gift, I immediately told them “anything useful or if it is within your budget, a set of cookware or flatware will do“. At least we don’t have to worry and buy them as we move to our love nest. Luckily, four of them granted our wish. We got 2 sets of both in different brands.

Now that I am a mother, rather a concerned-practical wife and mother, I kept that in mind. When you choose a gift especially for a couple who is just about to start a family, always give something useful.

In fact, I’ve already checked and canvassed a set of both in the local market for my sister-in-law’s wedding next year. I know it’s to early but kitchen appliances are costly. I need to be ready for the expenses. Errr! My husband I mean.

I’m sure my sister-in-law would love it. Just like my mother-in-law, she loves to be in the kitchen too!

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  1. i am like your mom sis, in the sense that i love giving kitchen wares for newly weds. I love glasswares. and if my life be granted a real wedding — then surely i would love to receive kitchen stuff. 😀

    Narealized ko din yan later on. Kaya ngayon susundan ko na yapak ng nanay ko hehehe!


  2. i don’t give kitchenware kasi there’s always bound to be someone who will, so nagkakadoble doble. sa pinas pa naman, di uso yung sinosoli or pinapapalitan ang gifts. so usually, pag walang registry, i get gift vouchers na lang, easy na, practical pa, hehe.

    That’s also true…. Kami nga ilang coffee maker at blender ang natanggap. Kung dining set okay lang…. :p Kaya yun pinauwi ko sa Pnas.


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    Kahit anong gender pwede hehehe!

    Sure, feel free to add my link in your blogroll pero parang di ata appropriate kasi puro tungkol sa real estate ang links mo hehehe!


  4. Cookware sets are great for the newlyweds! Next best thing is a set of stainless flatware. Have you ever seen the conglomeration of miss matched stuff is most kitchen drawers. Save the newly weds from that embarrassment!


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